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Mature content
Mine (Rob Lucci x reader lemon) :icongloria9983:Gloria9983 120 6
A House Fire? (Grillby x Reader)
The prompt I am using belongs to Acrosanti
There have been times where Grillby was over at your place after dark, early on in your relationship, and the fire department has broken your door down due to reports from concerned neighbors about what appeared to be a fire in the house through your windows. They weren’t wrong, necessarily… but it sure was embarrassing for everyone involved, and the following days when people that saw the truck but weren’t in on the details asking you what happened. Neighbors now know to not to freak out if they see flickering firelight coming from your windows.

Second Person POV

Honestly, when you started dating your boyfriend Grillby, you thought that you could expect something shocking or surprising happening throughout the weeks, but you never expected for the firefighters to come, nearly breaking down your door in the process, sayin- scratch that, shouting that some of the people who lived nearby clai
:iconmemetoyoko:Memetoyoko 185 34
Chibi Doll - Pattern Available Now! by PlanetPlush Chibi Doll - Pattern Available Now! :iconplanetplush:PlanetPlush 206 7
Undertale: Character/Reader Drabbles
Well Stocked: Grillby/Reader
You were a little confused. Your…boyfriend? (you aren’t exactly sure what to call the Fire Monster, he didn’t seem to care though.) had made a strange request when you’d asked about groceries. That was how you ended up in the forest with the thickest parka you owned, and a basket slung over your shoulder. When you two visited Snowdin, he always would go off somewhere in the night and his armchair would be speckled in ash the next morning.
You suppose it was a healthier habit then your addiction to Cinnamon Buns but still. His vice happened to be pinecones. Any kind was fine, he had explained. After that he also admitted to being responsible for the mysterious destruction of last years pine wreath.
So here you were. In below freezing weather with a long cane and a basket, wrestling a tree for its pointy treasure. You’d been at it for about half an hour when you realized everything was getting brighter. Turning, you squint
:iconkeiriinight:KeiriiNight 37 0
LoL Twisted Fate x Reader- kiss you shoulder
Twisted Fate X Reader-kiss your shoulder.
(A/N: Minor sexual themes and lots of nudity, I decided not to put a content filter on this so please don't report!)
You lay in bed asleep, a red silk sheet covered your bare body. It was warm, it was comfortable, you felt safe in the arms of your lover.
It was the peaceful moments like this before the battle that you enjoyed the most.
As your (E/C) eyes fluttered lazily open, you were met with the sleeping face of your love.
Twisted Fate.
You smiled to yourself as you watched him sleep. You rubbed the side of his muscular arm, and kissed his shoulder.  He looked so peaceful, a face you rarely saw.
Your hand on his arm trailed up to his hair.
You ran your small fingers through his hair, tucking the dark brown strands behind his ear.
At this he began to stir, his golden eyes opend and looked right at you.
You smiled "good morning my love." You said.
Twisted Fate said nothing as you smiled,  he really wasnt a morning person.
You kissed
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 47 7
A Girl Or A Woman [Sycamore x Reader x Lysandre]
Warning! Mentioning of depression!
Happy 18th birthday, isn't that the words that makes a girl grow into a woman? That one day being the huge step you take into adulthood? That is what you thought, that is what you have been told, yet it's not right. You are a woman now, so why wont he notice you?
It had become quite obvious how in love you were with Professor Augustine Sycamore, you didn't even try to hide it any more. Ever since you started your journey, you had looked up to him, at first with admiration, which soon grew into a childish crush, and then bloomed into desperate, one sided love. You were already quite “old” when you first started your Pokémon journey, seeing as most people started at around the age 10, while you started at 16. However, it was still far too young of an age to have any hopes with the Professor.
How old was he even?
You had no idea, to be honest. But certainly in the age where he could even be your father. So why were y
:iconnixdex:nixdex 138 55
Hypnosis [Alucard x Vampire!Reader]
( Inspired by this song and video!)
You swore he had you under a spell.
Yes, you were absolutely positive the man in red had reached into the deepest cabinets of your mind, emptied out everyone of them and replaced them with the lewdest of thoughts, the darkest of desires, the secretest of passions.
And all were connected to him.
Every last one of them.
You expected that after accepting the powers of the night, after partaking of the blood of your victims, you abandoned all of those silly human notions, all those feelings that made you weak, with no other desire than to follow the bidding of your master.
But, this man, the creature that took your hand and lead you across the border into the realms of the darkness, somehow managed to reignite that little spark within you.
Was it possible for one of the undead to hide such thoughts for a monster?
No other explanation could exist for this phenomena other than sorcery.
Either way, you clung to it.
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 195 28
Relinquish [Yandere!Alucard x Noble!Reader]
He merely grabs your wrists, and that alone makes you realize the sheer power within his form.
And this does not even contain a fraction of it...
The silver moonlight streaming through the window, the white and coral lace of your curtains, the licking of the golden flames within your hearth, the black of his coat and his pristine shirt, wrinkling beneath, all become a melded blur of nothing.
All you note, all you perceive is the smoldering of his crimson eyes, and the glimmering of his pearled fangs.
Despite his many nocturnal visits, you speak not a word of this to your family of noble birth. After all, the golden band adorning your finger binds you to another. Your fate is tied to someone of your parents’ choosing, someone who can continue your family line, someone who brings status to your noble family name. Day in, day out, you are under their intense supervision. You feel trapped, unable to escape.
Until the veil of night encircles you, a shadow creeps int
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 119 13
Lol x reader seven minutes in heaven-Twisted Fate
LoL X reader- Twisted Fate x Reader- seven minuets in heaven!
... a golden card.
you didn't have much time to guess who the card belonged to before you heard a deep rough voice say.
"my turn for a little fun.'
the next thing you knew you were being pulled into the closet by Twisted fate the card master.
"I don't think there's much more for me to do here, you know the rules. Behave and have fun (Y/N)" Ahri said with a smirk before closing the door.
your attention quickly turned to Twisted Fate, as a golden glow slowly washed over the closet.
Along with its glow, a small welcoming warmth washed over your body.
was this his magic?
you saw the card master twirling the golden card gracefully in between his fingers.
"Evening." He said
"G-Good evening," you said nervously back.
Twisted fate suddenly approached, and pulled you close against him. the golden glow Illuminated the closet softly enough to cast a shadow on his face. The shadows and light washed over his skin, and defined his facial
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 56 30
Thranduil x Human Reader: Bound
:bulletpurple: Thranduil x Human Reader: Bound :bulletpurple:

It was deep winter and snow openly fell from a beautiful white and gray sky. In the rugged wilds past the idyllic Elven city of Rivendell, the temperature had dropped well below that of a normal December’s storm, but to the single figure that traversed the mountain paths and stood high upon a ledge overlooking the nearby valley and distant forest, the cold was unnoticeable. This being stood over the precipice without anxiety, and took in the sight of the familiar country with well-trained eyes of the deepest (e/c). And as the orbs looked upon it all, a small smile gained purchase on a pair of pale feminine lips.
It had been upwards of thirty years since the woman in question had seen these dells and ridges; and though she had been but a child the last time she had been here the Ranger found that she had missed it. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she had lived here and now she found that her anticipatio
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 217 37
Mature content
Cream (Decim x HumanAssistant!Reader)[Limey] :iconladynecrotic:LadyNecrotic 108 9
naptime [worick arcangelo x reader]
As soon as you entered the benriya household, you kicked off your shoes and collapsed on one of the couches, unsurprised to see Nic already curled up on the other, watching you lazily. “Ughh,” you groaned, holding your arm over your eyes as you slumped into the cushions. “I am never getting up again.” You thought you heard Nic grunt in agreement, though it may have been your imagination. You had been out running errands all morning, and to make matters worse, you were operating on just three hours of sleep. If you ever had to smile and wish yet another customer a good day again, your head would explode.
“Aww, all tuckered out, baby? Tsk, tsk, don’t wear yourself out so early in the day, darling. It’s only noon!”
You smiled against your arm. Worick. Either the best or the worst person to be around you right now. “Exactly. I would still be asleep if it weren’t for this job,” you mumbled, feeling a weight plop down o
:iconperkymonkeybuns:perkymonkeybuns 146 14
Final Fantasy Seven Minutes in Heaven Gladiolus
       “Wow, we still have like, a ton of people sitting here who haven't played yet. I had no idea this game of mine was going to be such a giant success. I should have known.” Grinning from ear to ear, Yuffie placed her hands on her hips and released a prideful giggle. “Anyway, let's keep things going with you. What do you say, are you ready to play?”
She hadn't so much as pointed to you, but the fact that she was staring directly at you was enough to make it obvious who she was talking to. “Sure, I'm ready.” With a gentle nod, you pushed yourself out of your seat and quietly made your way over to the hat. As soon as you were close enough, you placed your hand inside and wrapped your fingers around a thick chain. Item now in hand, you looked down at it for any clue as to who it belonged to. Finding none, you held the chain up for all to see. “I picked a chain, there's a little skull attached to it too.”
“Ah, th
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 28 6
The Blind Griffin: Sketch Dump by Auro-Cyanide
Mature content
The Blind Griffin: Sketch Dump :iconauro-cyanide:Auro-Cyanide 21 5
Red (Ren Kouen X Reader)
Red. It is the colour of inflamed passions, love and fire. It is vibrant, flashy and bold, a colour that slightly startles the onlookers of the person wearing it. It is something that signifies victory, ambition, power and courage. It is a colour that is very much alive in your eyes. It is the colour of the sky when the sun begins to rise and when the sun begins to set. It is a beautiful colour, but it is twisted and evil in its own way.
Red is a quite... scary colour. While it brings about the end and beginning of the day, triumph and love, it is also the colour of war. It is the colour of blood, frustration and hate. It signifies rage, madness and violence. It is the colour of murder, danger and suffering. It is a very frightening colour, as beautiful and vibrant as it is.
You have always considered red as your favourite colour. Maybe it was because of the countless things that it stood for, whether good or bad. Maybe it was because it had so many hues and that it created so much
:icondeathmage02:DeathMage02 220 9
Unravel (Archer x Reader)
There was a reason why she would not sleep in front of anyone. Whenever she was unconscious, not only was she vulnerable but she would also show a part of her she wanted no one to see. The constant nightmares. The crying, the screaming. The way her body would tremble. To display how fragile, how easily scared she had been was a thought she could not bear. There are parts of her no one has the right to know, because it’s hers alone.
That night was no different from the previous ones. It would start with a quiet mumbling, disconnected words that had no meaning to others outside her mind. Soft cries would then scape her parted lips, and not too long after tears would roll down her face. The sobs would start, her body would tremble. Sometimes none of those things happened, but she would be woken by her own screams. Yet, she did not know what she was so afraid of. It had been getting worst for some time now and it was driving her insane.
Before, when he was there, she would wake up to
:iconjennycolt:JennyColt 86 33


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Alright New journal entry it's just a thing where you put x on the traits and see what the results are and you tag someone meaning they have too do it. Let's get started.  

Ryouta Kawara (rock dove)
[ ] You have a very very best friend
[ ] You have a weak stomach
[X] At least one of your parents are dead/divorced
[ ] You have fallen for a close friend of yours
[ ] You've had surgery before
[X) You're not very good at swimming
[ ] You love parks


Kazuaki Nanaki (king quail)
[X] You take naps often
[x] You try your best to stay cheerful and laid back
[x] You have trouble sleeping at night
[ ] You have a one and only love
[ ] It takes you a while to notice things
[x] You have bad memory
[ ] Fulfilling promises is very important to you


Sakuya Shirogane Le Bel (fantail pigeon)
[ ] Your family is rich
[ ] Your father is very strict
[ ] You have a passion for music
[ ] You are arrogant
[ ] You hate getting dirty
[X] It takes you a while for you to warm up to people
[X] You are very gullible


Yuuya Sakazaki (fantail pigeon)
[ ] You enjoy action and thrill
[ ] You are very flirty
[ ] You'd do anything for your sibling
[ ] You know (some) French
[ ] You'd love to be a secret agent
[x] You're hesitant to tell secrets
[x] You're good at faking things


Nageki Fujishiro (mourning dove)
[ ] You have a weak immune system
[x] You love to read
[ ] You can be a bit cold sometimes
[ ] You hate hurting others
[x] You easily loose track of time
[X] You don't feel fulfilled with your life
[X] You're quiet and don't like interacting with others


Shuu Iwamine (chukar partridge)
[ ] Human bodies interest you
[ ] You'd do anything for a loved one
[ ] You tend to twist words around often
[ ] You can sound quite creepy at times
[ ] You excel in science
[ ] You have a lost love
[ ] You have a bad arm/leg


Okosan (fantail pigeon)
[ ] You aren't very smart
[ ] You're in the track team
[ ] You have a nickname
[ ] You love pudding
[ ] You tend to eat a lot of food at a time
[ ] You run almost everywhere
[ ] You are very picky


Anghel Higure (bleeding-heart luzon)
[ ] You're an extremist
[ ] You love to LARP (live action role play)
[ ]You love to draw, and/or want to become a comic artist (or mangaka)
[x] You prefer fantasy over real life
[x] You're oblivious and very forward about things
[x] You injure yourself accidentally often
[ ] You're very serious


Hiyoko Tosaka (human)
[ ] You're very strong
[ ] You're flighty
[ ] You love udon
[ ] You're very positive
[ ] You love birds
[ ] You want to help others as much as possible
[ ] You don't fit in very well

Nice now I tag Warbannana to do this after he looks up hateful Boyfriend


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